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Understanding the Importance of Mapping the Buyer Journey for Your Business Growth

You know who your potential customers are, you know where to find them, so now it’s time to figure out the buyer journey.

It’s basically what happened from the first moment they heard about you till they became a customer.

For example, what was your message if you contacted the prospect via Linkedin? To maximize conversion rates, what should you do/write to him?

Have you scheduled a demo call? that’s Great!

Now, how can you leverage this call to communicate with prospects about the product before the demo?

During the demo, what value are you bringing to the customer? Do you know what is your USP that makes the customer feel this is a must-have product?

Are you meeting a champion or a decision-maker? How can your product benefit both of them?

And now, what happened after the demo? What are the next steps? 

Do you need to get approval from any other people for this purchase? Do you know who they are? How can you help them?

And what’s happened during the sales process? Are your prospects hearing about your product from other sources and what are their thoughts on it?

And what holds them from closing the deal?

A buyer's journey includes all the items listed above (and much more).

So yes, you can begin this process without planning it. But if you do this, you'll probably increase conversion rates and shorten sales cycles until your "closed won" deal.

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