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The connection between success and asking for help (And how is it related to sales?)

Lately, I've had several discussions with colleagues about asking for help.

Not everyone sees it positively or as natural, but I consider it a critical skill for our success as individuals, especially as entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

Asking for help rests on a foundation of:

  1. Lack of knowledge of a particular subject

  2. Desire to learn

  3. Perceiving someone else as an expert or someone I trust their opinion and want them to assist me.

This is a brilliant skill because it combines three critical qualities, especially in entrepreneurship:

  1. The ability to acknowledge that we don't know something opens us up to learning something new.  This could be learning from someone who is an expert in a field where I am not,It could be learning from a potential customer about their pain points and how they deal with the issue, or learning a new area that is difficult for me to explore alone just by reading articles, and then connecting with someone who has done it before to expedite the process or deepen the learning. All of these rely on humility and openness.

  2. The desire to learn what I don't know stems from curiosity and proactivity. It's not enough for me to tell myself that I don't know something—I want to go and discover what piques my interest. This fosters learning and growth.

  3. The act of asking for help connects people. By asking someone to sit with me and explain something I don't know, a field in which they are experts or a project they have run and can share their experience, I am essentially saying to them, "Your opinion matters to me" or "I appreciate you. Everyone wants to feel valued, so most people will be happy to help. From there, good connections and friendships can form, benefiting everyone.

BTW, Communities are a great way to normalize the desire to ask for help—sharing knowledge. The one-to-one connections formed here usually start from people asking for help, and others who are happy to assist and share their knowledge and experience.

I see this as especially critical in entrepreneurship, especially when we are doing things for the first time that we haven't done before. The ability to ask for help and learn from others' experiences is critical to our success and business activities.

Added to that, in the context of sales and how to reach the first customers (which is a topic in itself and I won't delve into it now) - You can approach a potential customer by asking for help: learning their pain points, getting feedback on the product, etc., are excellent ways to approach them. People are more likely to participate in a feedback conversation than in a sales conversation, so they might consider buying/partnering with us if they find value.

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