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Networking - The most valuable gift you could give yourself

When I was 18, my dad told me a sentence that I didn't fully understand at the time - 'Networking is one of the greatest assets a person can have.'

I rolled my eyes while requesting to leverage his connections to get into a specific unit I wanted in the army, still not grasping how right he was.

What have I learned since then?

Strong networking is a two-way relationship.

These are connections that are enjoyable to build, and they are mutual - sometimes I help someone, and sometimes they help me.

This helps, so it's not the essence, it's the benefits we get. The essence is cultivating connections that arise from a genuine desire to get to know, help, support, and be a friend.

Strong networking is curiosity - getting to know new people, learning about them, understanding what they need, and asking myself if I have a way to help them achieve it.

Most conversations I have with new people result in some sort of connection.

Strong networking is creating genuine connections - forming communities (small or large, it doesn't matter) of people with similar interests who want to connect with others like them.

Strong networking is sending a message like 'How's it going? I was thinking about you' because someone crossed my mind, and I genuinely want to know how they're doing.

Strong networking is meeting for coffee, picking up the phone occasionally, staying updated on life changes, and being there along the way.

Strong networking will allow you to crack any problem - even in a content world you're unfamiliar with - you'll find a way to reach the right person.

Strong networking allows you to learn many things you didn't know before.

Especially in entrepreneurship - where most actions are groundbreaking and haven't been done before - there is crazy value in learning from others' experiences.

A strong network is at the core of every business and entrepreneur's success (along with a few other things required along the way :)).

How do you perceive networking? What is your way of strengthening your connections?

Here I am with some friends mingling 🐦🐥

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