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Transforming Startups
from Innovative Ideas to

Effective Sales-Driven Businesses

Most early-stage startups do not communicate with their customers enough

Startups that are deeply familiar with their customers can get closer to PMF and prioritize their product roadmap.

This will ensure customers are willing to use and pay for their service.

Successful organizations know that they are doing business with people, not companies.

Developing a professional customer journey and building strong relationships is essential to a company's success!

42% of startups shut down because they fail to reach Product Market Fit

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Hi, I'm Nofar

I create business infrastructures that enable startups to maximize their full potential

Crafting selling points is my passion

Along with creating the buyer's and customer's journey

You can sell better, provide better service, and build stronger partnerships if you consider the other side's perspective.

This is what drives me to design the buyer journey and customer journey from A to Z.

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About me

Ten years after leading and managing recruitment teams in product and R&D departments across the Tech ecosystem in Israel, I joined a SaaS bootstrapped startup as its first employee (up to round A).

I created and led core business functions in the company; from Sales to Customer Success and Community. I was the founding employee of the revenue team - created and implemented the customer journey from A to Z.  ​

In one year, I increased our customer base to over three hundred active paying customers and achieved a 95% renewal rate within the first year.

During the past year, I turned my passion of helping early-stage and mid-level startups into a career.

I now assist founders and revenue leaders in building their business infrastructure. I join the founding team in their day-to-day. Together we Identify the company's target customer, their pains, their needs, and how to sell their product as a "must-have”, by building and executing sales and marketing strategies.

The M.A. degree I earned in consulting and organizational development, coupled with my experience as an HR professional, has enabled me to offer startups a 360-degree perspective.

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WHY should you invest in your customer and buyer journey?



Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Drive Product Adoption

Wanna know more?

Amichai Hacohen

Co-Founder & CEO


It has been our pleasure to collaborate with Nofar on a particularly challenging sales project that had previously presented considerable difficulties for our team.

Nofar's involvement was transformative, thanks to her exceptional problem-solving skills and her innate ability to organize complex matters into manageable, structured processes.

Now, let's talk about YOUR needs





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